Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hello? Anybody Out There?

So I've decided to start a crafting blog because craft blog stalking is my #1 favorite thing to do on the internet. How do these people find time to do all that crafty stuff? Let's just say I've got craft-envy and want to be a big shot so this is my own shout out to myself to give my craft-ego a little boost. No one even knows this blog exists? That's okay- you'll all be sorry you missed this when I'm famous one day. Just you wait.

This is an alphabet chart I made for my 4 year old because he was having trouble with his letters. I used my cricut to cut everything out and added jewels, ink, and embelishments to jazz it up. He loves it! And now he sits at the table and sings his alphabet over and over and over (he didn't even know the song before). The pictures are just basic shapes from cartridges (alphalicious, b is for boy, give a hoot, life is a beach, wild card) except for the ice cream cone which I made out of cupcake tops, a triangle, and soccer net.

I am in charge of the nursery at our church and since they are all girls right now, I decided to make cute necklaces for their birthdays. This is from wild card cricut cartridge.

In case you haven't noticed I geek cricut and I am desperately trying to create something that will get me in the cricut chirp newsletter so I can win a cartridge. No luck thus far.