Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Workshop: Quick Cards

Quick Cards Workshop:

These cards will show you how to use up all your scraps!  They are super easy and fast- you will be able to make a TON of cards using this technique!

The cost is: $6 for 3 cards OR FREE with an order of $25.

Dates for workshops: (any workshop on any of these dates)

Friday June 13th 6:30pm 
Saturday June 14th 10am
Tuesday June 17th 1pm

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Summer Splash!

I like to do something different each year for summer with the kids.  Sometimes there is something I think we need to work on- like one year I really just wanted to kids to learn to be okay with just getting dirty, so we went to the creek a lot that year.  Last year I did a whole program of activities that I ended up having way too many activities planned. I know- "too many" how does that happen? Click here to see the "Summer Fun Calendar".  This year we need to work on a few things, like sharing and getting along, and with a son who has high anxieties I wanted to try to help him in the process too.  So we are making a fun "chart" for the kids to fill out.

They have to complete some tasks/ behaviors and they can stamp a square (I have a little feet stamp).  Once they fill a line (section of a "wave") they get to spin for a prize.  I made the first few easy so that hopefully they love it.  Here are the tasks:

I just used leftover scrapbooking supplies and used the back of another reward chart.  Then I made a spinning wheel.  I wanted to make a nice wood one but it was going to require trips to stores and a drill.  So I went way ghetto and used an old fan we have instead.  I really don't like shopping with my 4 year old.  He's a runner.

I took off the front of the fan and unscrewed the cap, then poked the cardboard wheel on the screw in front of the blades.  Then I just screwed the cap back on.

I was thinking the kids could just spin it with their hands, but they really want to plug it in and turn it on and then stop it.  It shouldn't fly off so we'll have to try it.

I didn't want to break the bank either so the prizes are all simple, easy, and cheap.  It's a pretty easy chart to fill out.  That being said, we've done canning jar reward programs with 2 inch size pom-poms to fill the jar with that took over 3 months to fill.  Who knows how long this will take for them this time.

Have a great summer!  I think ours will be fun- and hopefully less stressful!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Free To Be Me workshop (part 2)

With the Free To Be Me workshop in June, not only will you be making 3 complete 2 page layouts as shown in my previous post, but we will also be making 3 cards!  

This workshop is FREE for those who order their paper pack from me, or $10 if you order from someone else.  

Bring your paper pack!

Dates: Friday June 13, 6:30pm
Saturday June 14, 10am
Tuesday June 17, 1pm
Choose from any of the dates listed above!

May Special

If you haven't heard about CTMH's special for the month here it is and you won't want to miss out on it!

Spend $50 and get the Free to be Me paper pack for only $5!!!  This is a bright and funky paper pack that you will love!  It comes with 2 vellum sheets, 6 embossed cardstock sheets, and 5 double sided patterned paper and best part is if you order it from me you get a FREE workshop where we will make all this:

This is a really great deal!  But it only lasts until May 31 so order your today!  Contact me for an order or order anytime online at www.melissamay.ctmh.com (cheaper shipping when you order online!)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

June Workshop: Scrap Sign

Come make a fun sign with me!  We'll use scrapbook paper to jazz up these signs for you to hang or display around your house.  

Cost: $8 or FREE with $25 order

Bring: exacto knife and cutting mat, sharp pencil

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Free To Be Me Workshop

The special this month is spend $50 and get the Free To Be Me paper pack for $5!  I always LOVE the May specials!  You're not going to want to miss this one!

Buy your paper pack from me and you will get a workshop FREE using the paper pack.  We will make 3 complete 2-page layouts and 3 cards.  Here are the layouts:

If you have a paper pack you ordered from someone else you can still come- it will only cost $10!  This uses up the whole paper pack so keep that in mind.