Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Fun!

For some reason I decided to be all ambitious and plan activities for the kids all summer.  Perhaps I was a little high on Pintrest or maybe I thought that it would earn me mother of the year- either way I put together a little calendar for the kids to see what we have planned.  The hope is they will see what we are doing and not ask me a million times what we're doing that day and also that with this in mind I can do the fun activity and then they'll let me do my own thing.  And it'll work right?  <cough>  And it'll keep the 2 youngest from fighting all day right? <cough>.  We'll see.

This is the plan- 
  • Mondays are Make It Monday and we'll do a craft.  I actually have the crafts arranged by theme because we'll do more than one since it takes the kids 1.2 minutes to do a craft.
  • Tuesdays are Tasty Tuesday and we'll cook.  I thought it would be good to teach them proper cooking techniques and also go over volume and measurements with them at the same time.
  • Wednesdays are Wisdom Wednesday where we'll learn something new.  I originally had themes but didn't like the ones I picked, so on the file I have a link to it doesn't have much for this one.  I'm thinking of doing more science related stuff.  You can go to my "mad scientists" board on pintrest for some ideas.
  • Thursdays are Travel Thursdays and we'll go someplace outside the home- like a park or the woods or lake or train station.
  • Fridays are Freaky Fridays which basically means anything goes.  We'll do things like outdoor games or ninja training camp.
 I printed the calendar at Staples because I am now obsessed with their engineering prints- they're like $1.80 for and 18x24 print and you can do pictures.  It's just black and white but everything is more fun supersized.

Most of these ideas are on my pintrest boards under "summer", "kids activities" and "kids chefs" if you'd like pictures.

Here's the calendar I made:

 And here is the "plan" file with what we'll be doing.
Summer Fun List 

I seriously must've been high when I made this to have a travel Thursday right after we got back from Minnesota and right before my son's birthday.  Oh well.  The boys are super excited and that's all that really matters :)

Link to my pintrest: Melissa's Pintrest


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Patriotic Help

Close To My Heart has so many ways to help out the people in the world around us!  From Operation Smile, to the new "True Thanks" stamp set to help out Oklahoma tornado victims- I love being a part of a company that truly cares!!!

Well, now there is another way to help out- supporting the military stamp style!  


Show your support of troops and country with new patriotic stamp sets — available only from June 1 to July 31, 2013! As a show of our support, Close To My Heart will donate $3 from each B-size My Acrylix® Courage stamp set and $5 from each D-size My Acrylix® Home of the Brave stamp set to the USO, the leading, most recognized military-support and services organization in the United States. Show your support today—stamp style!


These stamp sets are also perfect if you are familiar with the company Operation Write Home.  They send homemade blank cards to soldiers to send home to their families.  I have sent cards to them and plan to continue to do so!  This is such a great company that does something little that makes such a big impact on those serving our country.  The new stamp sets from Close To My Heart would be perfect to make "Any Hero" cards to send to the soldiers expressing our appreciation for their service!

So if you're interested in purchasing these stamp sets, contact me or go shop online at my website (, and if you are interested in participating in the Operation Write Home program go to the link above to find out more!!!


Relief for Oklahoma

Heard about the horrible weather in the midwest?  Oklahoma has had some serious damage and it is going to take some time for them to get back on their feet.  Want a creative way to help?

Close To My Heart has made a new stamp set, A True Thank You, available immediately and will donate 100% of the profits from sales of the set from May 23 through June 30 to the American Red Cross to aid the Oklahoma victims. Help us provide relief to those affected by the devastating Oklahoma tornado by purchasing A True Thank You stamp set for $2.95 (M1029) today!

Let me know if you are interested in ordering this stamp set- it would make a great gift stamp and also help out those in need! 

Tommy Cards

Here is my next workshop:  Tommy Cards!

We will be making these cards on Tuesday June 18th and you can pick- either come at 2pm or 6:30pm.  

The cost is $6 for all 3 cards.

RSVP by June 10th

Hope to see you here!