Monday, October 17, 2011

More Halloween

Did I mention I LOVE to decorate for Halloween?  I found another cute project that I thought would be fun to make: paper book pumpkin

I had my old medical book so I tore out some pages:

 Then I rounded the edges to make a pumpkin shape.
 This gap in pictures is where it got tricky.  Finally I figured out I had to staple the pages together and then tape the stapled pages together with other stapled pages.
And then I realized I needed way more pages.
I misted the pages with some ink (I only had red but then after realized I also had yellow, oh well).  Then I hot glued a twig on with some fake leaves.

It doesn't look as cute as the original and it took way more time than I thought.  But still fun to do.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween Shadowbox

I LOVE to decorate for Halloween.  I don't like anything gross or scary (because then my boys won't go into their own bedroom by themselves).  The boys had a day off from school so I decided to put them to work making my decorations for me. Here is what I was trying to copy: bat frame

So first I have to explain that I bought a drawer from the local university's surplus store.  I love all the tray scrapbooking decor that is popular right now but didn't think $20-$30 was worth it when I can just use a drawer.  So bought one that is a little bigger than I thought, but hey I only paid $3 for it.  My husband just loved the idea that I bought a drawer too.  Who wouldn't?  While I was at the surplus I also bought an old medical book and some chemistry glassware (because yes I am a science nerd) which actually fits in perfectly for Halloween.

 So here is the drawer- the boys mod podged some pages of the book in the drawer.

 Then I cut some cardboard from an old box to fit into the drawer.  I ripped a big hole in the center and the boys painted it black.

 I cut bats out of shiny paper and the boys put red glitter glue eyes on the bats.


We taped the bats in the drawer, hung them with string, and glued them to the frame.  I bought the "Boo" from the dollar section at Target.  Viola!  I think it looks better than the original and the boys loved helping make it.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Latest Attempt

Christmas is coming!  Do you have your Christmas cards picked out?  I do!  Well, I have the idea all picked out in my head.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas cards!!!  In fact I love them so much I save all the ones given to me each year.  I especially love to make Christmas cards.  Last year's was all digital and this year I'm thinking of mixing it up a little.  Here is my idea:
 Okay- so I cut out the letters "j-o-y" with my cricut.  I cut several layers of cardstock on 12x12 paper cut to fit (the pretty stuff on top) and a heavier back-of-the-paper-pack cover to help make it sturdy.  Then I cut some clear plastic from a cartridge packaging to help secure the top of the "O" (a little squirrel I mean boy will be holding it).  Then I took my boys for a photo shoot.

Oh my goodness!  Taking pictures of these little squirrels was HORRIBLE!  Especially since my 18 month old would not cooperate AT ALL!  Even with marshmallow and promises of McDonalds.  Thankfully some pictures actually turned out.  Here is the best one with all of them:
 This is actually a miracle.  So I'm going to keep it as a memento of the 1 in 100 that actually turned out okay.  I'm not sure if I'm going to use this for the card or this one that I digitally mixed:
I traditionally do my cards after Thanksgiving so you'll have to stay tuned to see what I decide.  And if you decide to send me a Christmas card this year you will definitely be my best friend forever!