Friday, September 27, 2013

Halloween Fun With Laughing Lola!

Are you a fan of the Laughing Lola paper pack?  I am a fan of anything paper- related, but this paper pack I wasn't sure what to do with being I have 3 boys and am the only female in the fam.  But I love a challenge and I love paper so I was all set when figuring out what to do with Laughing Lola.  Well, it turns out the girlish paper pack can be a bit goulish, hahaha.

Supplies Used:
Artbooking cartridge
Laughing Lola paper pack
Laughing Lola embellishments
black shimmer trim
Pear cardstock
Slate cardstock

This will be a workshop in October so sign up and start the Halloween season!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Boo! Card

Happy Haunting!  This card is pieced together using the Cricut cartridges Artiste and Artbooking.  There weren't any cutesy ghosts so I made up my own.  Look later to see this card in one of my workshops!  The card is 5x7 and here is what I used:

brown marker

K- so you kinda need the instructions for this bad boy.

All were cut with real dial size on
Ghost- flower p. 74 (artiste) 4"
Pumpkin- overlay p. 73 (artbooking) 2 3/4", pumpkin 4"
Night background- owl p. 76 (artiste) 5"
Moon, eyes, & nose- circle p. 48 (artiste) 2", 1/2", 1/4"
Boo- boo p.71 (artbooking) 3/4"

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Welcome Baby Card

My youngest is 3.  Everyone keeps asking me when I'm going to have another one.  Yup.  Gulp.  I just tell them I'm good right now.  Who needs a baby when all the people around you are having them?  And staying up late with them, changing them, nursing all day- yup I'm good with 3 kids right now.  Now don't get me wrong- I love kids.  Just not any more right now.

The best part about someone else having a baby (besides not having to be that lady) is making a beautiful card for them to enjoy along with their precious new gift.

This card was made with some of my new favorites from CTMH: The hexagons irresistibles and the stamp set "Wild Wonders".  If you've never used an "irresistible" before you have got to try it!  It is way fun.  All you do is ink a sponge and swipe across the chipboard shape and wah-la! you have a pretty patterned hexagon.  Cool eh?

Supplies Used:
Wild Wonders stamp set
B is for Baby stamp set
Hexagon Irresistibles
Slate polka dotted washi tape
Kraft cardstock
white cardstock
Creme brule ink pad
pear ink pad
twilight ink pad
blush ink pad
slate ink pad
white bakers twine

Friday, September 13, 2013

Cornucopia Card

If you've been following my blog, you know I've mentioned how lame I am at blending markers.  But I have absolutely fallen in love with using them!  They may not be nicely blended, but it is a lot of fun "coloring in the lines"!  I've told people before that cutting paper is my release and now I can add using markers to my list of relaxation ;)

This is a unique card because I made my own washi tape using the Huntington paper.  It is so easy you will love it!  There are probably a thousand tutorials online so feel free to start searching.  How I will explain it: you cut strips of paper the same width as some tape (just regular ol' scotch tape).  Put the tape on the paper.  Then using your finger and a bowl of water wet the paper and slightly rub until the back of the paper and the white core comes off (Close To My Heart paper is very good paper and really thick).  Just don't rub the front of the paper attached to the tape off!  Let it dry and you have your very own custom made washi tape!

Supplies Used:
Count Your Blessings stamp set
Kraft cardstock
Huntington paper
gypsy markers
autumn terracota markers
ruby markers
olive markers
honey markers
colonial white cardstock
durables square studs
cashmere ink pad

This stamp set is gorgeous for fall artwork!  And like I said above me likey the coloring with markers. So get your stamp set and inks ready for a cornucopia of fun!  (you know you liked my cheesy quip)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Friend Card

I love last minute cards.  Ones you create in  minutes using just what you have on hand.  They make me feel extra creative!

That's what this card is... something I created with leftovers for my friend's birthday.  I had the squares cut out leftover from a workshop and the wooden flower was the last wooden shape I had from a package.  Same with the pearl swirls and the fabric button.  The hearts were also leftovers from a workshop.

Here's what I used: (the card is 4 1/4 x 5 1/2)

Chantilly paper
Chantilly fabric buttons
Wooden embellishments pack
Pearl flourishes
Card pack
Cricut Art Philosophy
liquid glass

The squares are cut 1x1 and it's the same paper just one side has green the other has pretty flowers.  The hearts are 3/4" I think cut with Art Philosophy.  I love the Art Philosophy cartridge for quick cutting of shapes.  The shapes are listed on the keypad so all you have to do is load, pick, and cut.  No searching through handbooks :)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Baby Carriage Card

September must be a great month!  There are quite a few babies being born and I just had to take the chance to make a baby card with the adorable Babycakes paper.

Supplies used:
Babycakes paper
2" scallop punch (or just cut a 2" circle)
5x7 spin cards
B is for Baby stamp set
Slate accessories
Coca ink pad
Slate marker
autumn terracota marker
honey marker

The dotted paper is cut 5x7, alphabet paper is I think 5" and to cut the square out I just traced the square onto the paper on the other side and cut with an exacto knife.  I went to post this and didn't even realize the scallop circle punch is no longer available!  I use that punch a lot because then I don't have to drag my Cricut out all the time.  Sorry!  The baby strip is the border of the paper.  This was so super easy to make!  

The carriage stamp is only the top half so it would fit in the circle.  I colored it in with markers and then glue dotted the buttons on for wheels.  For the square in the inside I just used the part I cut out of the paper for the card for a template.

Bring on the babies!   I got more supplies :)