Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kid Crafts

I love to craft but unfortunately my kids aren't always so obliging to my project needs.  They always want to "help" which isn't always so useful.  I try to find things they can do that will give them an activity to do- like sort paper by color or pattern, cut scrap paper (which is a very good pre-writing activity), or have them use scraps and old stamps to make their own artwork.  The key is to let them express their creativity- because let's face it, that's exactly what YOU love to do too!

I thought this activity was such a great idea!  This was at my son's preschool activity night.

We made the kids into "pizza" by rolling the dough (the kids) around then topped them with shredded paper "cheese", checkers "pepperoni", and a squirt of water "oil".  Yes this would be incredibly messy (nothing a little vacuum can't fix)- but incredibly fun!  You could use old scraps of paper and let the kids make different toppings to top each other with. And with your old scraps being used you can make way for new paper :)  

Sometimes I feel a little guilty when my projects get in the way of having fun with my kids and doing crafts with them allows me to get my creative juices flowing and allows me to spend some time with them doing something they're always dying to do anyway.  And then as a bonus you get awesome mom points for doing a fun activity with them.   

Monday, April 23, 2012

Dotty For You!

Love, love, love this paper pack!! 

And I was very excited to make the cards for my workshop from this very fun paper.

The workshop is May 4th 6:30pm. Contact me if you'd like to come make these!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


I have been wanting to teach my own craft workshops for a while now, so I am very excited to come up with my very first workshops! 
"Dotty For You" paper pack card workshop; Friday May 4th 6:30pm $5 (if you bring your own paper pack then it will be $3)
Grad Can (can be Teacher Appreciation); Thursday May 17th 6:30pm $5
Mustache Man gift set; Saturday June 9th 10am $3
For each workshop you'll need to bring your own tape runner, glue dots, and a paper trimmer.  Let me know if you are interested!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


"I've always depended on the kindness of strangers"

While this post really doesn't have anything to do with Tennessee Williams the name of the paper pack makes me want to yell out, "STELLAAAAAA!!!" (because that is the name of the pack).

I love cards and I really like this paper.  I finally got around to making the "bonus project" for the Stella Workshop on the go that's been hanging around my house.

Very lovely indeed.  I especially love the paper that has sewing patterns printed on it- very cute (even though I really don't like sewing).  You don't see that side of the paper on these cards.  I've used all my paper for the 2 2-page layouts and some invitations to my very first home party as a CTMH consultant and I think I will have to get another paper pack just to play around with!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Nailed It!

This is a picture on pintrest that cracks me up every time I see it...


As someone who says all the time "I can do that!" There have been times (more than I'd like to admit) where I have seen a really cute idea that looks simple and have tried it only to absolutely FAIL at making it look good at all.  I really like it when there is something fail-proof that I can do to feel like I've accomplished something and it looks really good!

Here is something from Close To My Heart that is way cute:


But is it doable without being a total craft know it all?  Is it simple enough for me to do in one night and not take me all week to complete?

YES!  These cards only took me about 30-45 minutes to make (not including chatting time!) and they turned out great!  I have given some to friends and they think I am so amazing and of course I tell them it took me forever to make them (haha just kidding- I don't lie).  Simple, fast, and super cute- I think this is  a "Nailed It!".