Monday, September 29, 2014

Picture My Life Tags

I have become an absolute fan of the pocket pages cards!  Since I am an avid Close To My Heart customer I use their Picture My Life cards for A LOT OF THINGS!!  They make crafting so super easy!

I have a Family Home Evening plaque that keeps track of who is in charge of what.  (we try to weekly get together as a family and learn gospel topics, have fun, and address any problems we're having)  For the looooooogest time I didn't have a tag for my youngest so he was just the "empty space".  Did I mention he is 4?  Mom fail!  I got the idea to use the PML cards and snap! after 10 minutes I had completely updated our FHE plaque with up-to-date pictures of ALL the people in our family.  Score!

I used the Avonlea cards and some ribbon I got from Scrapfest (so sad they aren't doing it anymore!!!).  I just printed some pictures from our computer since I'll have to update them fairly often.  So much cuter than the boring off-white tags I had that just had names on them!!!

These would be perfect for gift tags or even holiday ornaments on a little decor tree or Christmas tree!

And if you're interested in the FHE board- it's just a piece of wood painted black with vinyl lettering and masonry nails (they have the rectangle tips instead of round) that we made when I lived in Cali before we had any kids.  I changed one the spots to say Activity and I just printed the same font (papyrus I think) in a black box and mod-podged it on.  You can't even tell!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

8 Cards for Under $2!!!

I went to Target.  I haven't been there in a long time because I usually only go shopping when I need something.  And I hate taking my 4 yr old to Target.  So after needing to go for like 2 weeks I finally got there.  They are the best place to print out collage prints if you want smaller pictures to fit the 3x4 size for the pocket pages in scrapbooking or and smaller size print.  And you know what I did?  I ended up spending way too much time and money and ended up late picking the 4 yr old up at preschool.  Guess it's a good thing I don't go too often eh?

This is what I found at Target that got me so excited:

Pretty cards and washi tape!  Best off it was in the $1 section AND I had a cartwheel app coupon for 20% off!  So both of these cost $0.80. Yup.  Great find!

I challenged myself to create these 8 cards using only what I had on hand and I ended up using some Picture My Life cards making it waaaaaay too easy to make some amazing cards.  Even if you don't have the same supplies as I do, you can totally use any pocket page cards to create your own beautiful cards- and I'm sure you have tons of leftover supplies just like me you can use!  

Baby cards are the cards I run out of faster than any other!  This one turned out beautifully and I can't wait to hand it out.

Paper Fundamentals Basics Assort. (CTMH)
Chalk It Up paper (CTMH)
B is for Baby stamp set (CTMH)
Ivy Land Assort. (CTMH)
glitter gems-pink (CTMH)
Card & Washi tape (Target)
Liquid glass (on the heart on the carriage) (CTMH)

This is one made with the pocket pages card.  It is actually horizontal and I just cut it to keep the camera.  Way easy!

Avonlea Picture My Life card (CTMH)
Midtown Cork shapes (CTMH)
Chalk It Up Assort. (CTMH)
Ariana Assort. (CTMH)
Card & Washi tape (Target)

Graduation cards are good to stock up on too!  And with how cheap this was to make you won't feel so bad stashing some cash inside too.

Dimensional Elements- Stars (CTMH)
Chalk It Up Picture My Life card (CTMH)
Card & pink washi tape (Target)
finger washi tape (Hobby Lobby)

To make this one I actually used 2 pocket pages cards.  Close To My Heart (CTMH) gives you multiples of the same card and this was the same design- I just cut the stars from the back of one card and used a multiple card for the saying on the front.

Chalk It Up Picture My Life cards (CTMH)
Sequins Assort. (CTMH)
Bitty Sparkles (for inside the sequins) (CTMH)
Sparkles flourishes (I cut them up so they would be smaller and fit on the card) (CTMH)
Card (Target)

This is a great card to use your alphabet stamp set and leftover alphabet stickers!

Chalk It Up Picture My Life card (CTMH)

Chocolate alphabet large stamp set (CTMH)
Bitty sparkles (CTMH)
Black and white polka dot washi tape (SMASH)
Card (Target)

This can easily use ANY sentiment stamp or sticker with a bunch of washi tape behind it!

B is for Baby stamp set (CTMH)
silver glitter trim (CTMH)
Yellow triangle & gray and white polka dot washi tape (CTMH)
Mustache washi tape (Hobby Lobby)
Card (Target)

This card is more traditional using paper ontop of the pre-printed card- but little enough that you can just use any scraps you have hanging around.

Sarita paper (CTMH)
Sarita wooden Assort. (CTMH)
Say It In Style stamp set (CTMH)
Woodgrain washi tape (CTMH)
Mustache washi tape (Hobby Lobby)
Durables triangle studs (CTMH)

And what do you do with leftover stickers?  Group them on a pre-printed card with some ribbon and you are set!

Outdoor denim Chevron ribbon (CTMH)
Splendor My Stickease stickers (CTMH)

As you can tell I have a lot of CTMH stuff- I used to sell their product.  Some of it is dis-continued but some is still available and my mom sells it so if you are interested you can stop by her site: