Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cookie Sunday: Batch #7 Cake Mix Cookies

For this week's cookie we did a big cookie.  I was trying to keep my youngest awake (because we all know how if a 4 year old falls asleep at 6pm they will be awake alllllll night) and needed a fast cookie.  And I've been craving chocolate like non-otha' so here we go:

Here is the recipe.  No I did not make ice cream sandwiches because we don't have room in our freezer for ice cream.  I just followed the steps, added some chocolate chips, rolled it on a round stone and baked it for about 18 mins.


Add a little somethin' somethin' and enjoy.  Sorry for the quality of the pictures- this was late at night and the lighting in my house is HORRIBLE.  But you get the drift- cake mix goes to cookie pie goes to my mouth.


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